As you may or may not know, I’ve had a busy couple of weeks here.  My best friend from high school, Emily, was here visiting for about a week and a half, and this week and a half happened to fall right on my two busiest weeks of school this semester!  I had make up classes the first week, and tests Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, AND an expose yesterday!!  But it’s over.  Just one more final and I will be a senior, I guess.  Anyway, so that’s my explanation for the delay.  Here is my post on Oxford, finally, with one more post queuing about Manchester & the Peak District, and of course, a post about Emily’s visit, and (after this weekend) a post about visiting my host family’s country house!  Whew.

I went to Oxford with a friend I met at my hostel in London.  We really hit it off talking about social theory and literature (otherwise known as the express route to my heart), and I invited him to come with me to Oxford the next day on a whim.  He was a bit camera shy so I don’t have any decent photos, unfortunately, but he was an interesting fellow that I was happy to share the trip with.  And he introduced me to my new favorite book, Brideshead Revisited, which, fittingly, a large portion of the book’s action takes place at Oxford!

What can I say about Oxford?  Yet another place that I had fever dreams about when I was growing up, always the perfect intellectual heart of the universe.  I wanted so badly to go to school there, to live out the best of stuffy English novels, to ‘read’ a subject there.  And while I didn’t make it to Oxford for undergrad (I still hold out hope for grad school!!!!), I did make it there for a day, and was able to meet the living, breathing incarnation of a very specific English obsession.  Because while I was always obsessed with the country itself, Oxford was one of the first places within that country I thought I needed to be.

I didn’t do too terribly much in Oxford besides wander around and take photographs.  It’s the quintessential college town (obviously) and it seemed to balance what that means in the modern sense of the term, and the traditional one.  Out at the pub there were lads (and lasses) having a good time, but the studious atmosphere was never lost; never too stifling either, I thought.  Normally at this point I’d go on a longwinded rant about the layout of the town, but it was really just the various colleges of Oxford and a little town center full of all of the wants and needs of the average student.  At an hour outside of London, you just can’t beat it.

All in all, I suppose I can say I’ll keep dreaming about Oxford.

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  1. Beautiful picture of you Meaghan!

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