Rose Bakery

I regret to interrupt the scheduled (read: unfinished) post that will conclude my England trip, however, I just had to share my only ambition for the day.  As my only remaining obligation in Paris is my exam on the 13th, I told myself that I would relax and enjoy a few days (Cat’s last weekend!) without any thought of Heidegger.  I’ve been trying to do a few last bits of exploring, but at this point, I’m honestly preferring to return to old favorites that I haven’t seen much lately.  Yesterday I went to Jardin des Plantes, and today I woke up thinking about Rose Bakery, with no other ideas for the day!

As you may or may not know, Rue des Martyrs is absolutely, hands down my favorite road in Paris.  At the top, you have the hip neighborhood Les Abbesses, with lots of great shopping and cute restaurants.  At the bottom, you have Notre Dame de Lorette, a pretty church with place and its intersecting roads that boast some interesting stores and eateries as well.  This is the road where I bought all of the fun food products I’m bringing home to the fam, with Provence and Corsica speciality shops, as well as all of your typical fromageries, boucheries and boulangeries.  This great street also boasts Rose Bakery and one the most delicious cakes I’ve sampled in Paris:

Okay so I forgot to take a picture until it was mostly gone.  That’s besides the point.  This, my friends, is a gateau au citron vert et noix de coco.  So it’s coconut cake with a lime frosting, but those words mean nothing until you’ve tasted it!  Dense, moist coconut cake that’s not too sweet, and that glaze is incredibly sweet and tart.  The combination is absolutely mind blowing.  I spent an hour nibbling and savoring, trying desperately not to gobble it all up in a few big bites.

Rose Bakery was something I discovered via blogs awhile back, and I promise I went to it for the food and not because, as you can probably ascertain from the UK flag decorations, it is in fact a BRITISH shop!  Seriously though, I had no idea until they put the flags up.  Well and the girl serving me clearly didn’t speak very much French.  And I googled it.  Anyway!  It’s all organic food with really high quality produce and other products that Rose (The Brit and owner in question) selects herself.  They have a number of lunch offerings as well, but as I am poor and mostly have a sweet tooth anyway, I only go for the coconut-lime cake.  Which I’m still not over.  They also sell an array of British products (teas, marmite, etc.) and what produce they have left over, as you can see in the top photo.  I do plan to try and actually eat lunch there once before I head out, but rest assured that whether you’re craving sweet or savory, Rose Bakery has you covered.  It’s a lunchtime staple for the hip, young things of my area, and for some reason today was the day that it dawned on me that there is no Rose Bakery in Ithaca…  SO I will be getting my fill of that cake (and buying their cookbook!) before I leave.

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2 thoughts on “Rose Bakery

  1. Maelenn on said:

    Oh my, this is just perfect !
    I’m so going to attempt to make that cake, it sounds LOVELY

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