Receiving letters makes me want to eschew all other forms of communication.  Aside from the obvious benefits of the possibility of immediate response & convenience, I’m sure I’m not the only one who could wax poetic about our hyper-connected society and the downfall of real communication.  Letters just have a lovely presence, a physical extension of a conversation, and no possibility of ‘auto-delete’.  I’m the sort of person who gets hung up on “remembering everything” so I keep a journal, and hold onto paper scraps & other memorabilia.  It all helps me feel as if my life is “really happening”.  Letters just feel so grounded.  And think of all the famous correspondences we have, and that we won’t have because now it’s all digitized.  People don’t need to write lengthy snail-mail anymore because they can just cut right to the chase and email about what they need.  But I digress on that point.

I bought some stationary a few weeks ago and wrote out a few letters & thank-yous.  This lovely letter is a response from Mom-mom (my paternal grandmother), and let me just tell you how busy she is!  Lots of graduations and parties this Spring.  I think I got the rough outline of her social calendar for the months of May & June and I think she has more going on than I do!  I was just giddy to receive and read it.    I think letter-writing is something I’d like to keep up with once I’m back in the States (regardless of its environmental impact, but that’s another issue to wrestle with).  I know I’ve already got at least two correspondents lined up!

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