A few pages I frequent (and sometimes write for…) and think that you should too!

We The Blog
A political blog created and run by a good friend.  My guest blog shouldn’t be too hard to find!

Kitsch and Kitsch-Ka-Blogs
My beloved.  Enough said.

Wilder and North
This is Emily’s fantastic new blog!


Paris, France & French

Google Translate
For when I send mots doux your way and you have no idea what I said; also great for translating whole websites (This is for YOU, Mom!!)

Le Monde
Where I SHOULD be getting my news…

HiP Paris
Great (English!) blog run by ex-pats full of recommendations for those currently in Paris, but also full of the sights and feelings of the city for those who are not.

Le Mouv’
A super cool radio station at which a Parisienne friend of mine works! You can stream it online, too!

Badaude’s Blog
A fun look at Parisian culture; lots of illustrations!
Great blog about travel, food and life in France (for now; she’ll be travelling more of Europe soon!)


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  1. Thanks for linking to me – so kind!

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