Just a quicklist of little memories; will continue to update!

Watching Desperate Housewives with Pepita

Riding the Scooter with Pierre

Dinners with my host family

Conversations with my host dad

Nuit de Noufrage with Elsa

My first real conversation with Ferdi over crepes

My first macaroon

My first day in Paris, wandering with Cat

My first night with my host family

My first real ‘accord’ with Paris (on Velib)

Seeing the Eiffel Tower light up for the first time

Paris by Velib always makes me like the city more.

Picnic outside the Chanel show to see all sorts of famous fashion people with Cat!

Dublin:  drinking beer; wandering around the small center-city and taking photos in the pouring rain; those accents; fish & chips; conversations with Michelle

The day that I realized that Paris and I had settled into a sort of loving friendship

Le Havre and Rouen with Fredo and Pepita, with all of the other family members around for different parts

Reading to Annette with Pepita and Elsa and saying Citronnelle instead of Citrouille

Feeling enriched at the art museums

Pepita’s wit & fantastic facial expressions

Helping people with directions/metro for the first time in French (and English… ugh)

Birthday weekend: LM concert with Elsa, party with all my favorite French and Americans around together, dinner with my host family who gave me too many presents, cooked me THREE cakes and brought them all in, full of candles, singing in English with my REAL family on skype.  Perfect.

Budapest: Cat’s fork-dropping incident; getting hit with the chair; eating delicious food all weekend; trying to understand the money system, the addresses; the baths; the COLD; the hotel; the german channel; our hysterical flight home; Aussie friend.


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