On Emily’s blog, Wilder & North, she has a bucket list of sorts; I thought that was a cool idea, so this is my list of things to do while in Europe!  …Of course, I won’t get to all of this, but I suppose that just means I have to come back 🙂

I’ll probably continue to change this list (adding and crossing things off as needed).


Develop a taste for REALLY good wine and beer
Learn how to make Macaroons (Pepita!)
Relish every experience and document as much as possible
Dress well, every day.
New treasures
Don’t be too unbearable when I get back… Try not to begin too many sentences with “When I lived in Paris…”
Cook for my host family Now to do it more!


Visit all the parks (excluding the tiny squares)
Visit all the museums (not doable; but will try to see as many as possible!)
Make real, genuine French friends I keep in contact with after I leave
Picnics.  Lots of them.
Really know the layout; be able to get anywhere I want/need and give appropriate directions (in French, bien sur!)
Have favorite bars and cafes, and keep a list of my recommendations
Have a characterization for each arrondissement
Ride a scooter around Paris
Obtain je ne sais quoi; learn how to act as (be?) une vraie parisienne


My host family’s house in Bourgogne
Revisit the Loire (Potentially bike part of it?)
Hike (part of) the Pyrenees
Hike in the Alps
Horseback riding somewhere scenic and rural
Mont St. Michel
Mediterranean coast

London…All of England.  I need to spend a year in England, next.
Amalfi Coast/Italy
Belgium–beer and the Museum of Photography —I didn’t get a chance to go to the museum!
Berlin, Munich, Dresden
Athens, Crete; Greece


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